A great diet is a keyto living well and happy,

Eating healthy is even more important than making exercise because it takes care of the good function of organs. Eating healthy will provide many benefits on a human’s life, like being healthy that save you a lot of money on medicine along to a great feeling of plenitude. Islam is an old religion and we can learn a lot of the way they make and get food, treating animals with respect and not consuming alcohol or any product that attempt against health are actually great advice that all the people should follow and we don´t have to be Muslim to follow great habits. There are many people eating the meat of animals that were treated with growth hormones, this is dangerous not just for the animal, it can be dangerous for the consumer too. There ismuch scientific research that talks about how dangerous is eating this type of products. There is not an exact proof that the hormones localized on food are dangerous for humans, but many Scientific believe that the consume has negative properties for the humans life, Scientific communitythinks that consuming milk from harmonized cows can cause many different types of cancer on humans, the most common are breast cancer and prostate between others, hormones on cows are making kids grow faster, and that not normal!

People use hormones to make animals grow faster to get products of animals in a shorter time than not hormones treated animals, the benefits of this is only for the owner of the meat company to get more money in a shorter time. The life of these poor creatures is terribly sad, animals constantly get broken legs for the increment of weight that isn’t normal for the age or even for the spice! The abuse goes to living on small and unhygienic places, to moving disability and this is just the life quality of the animals where the products come from, the process of death for this animals is just inhuman but all this suffering market is paid by the consumers making a non-stoppable market. Halal products are so different from the common market, it takes care of the people health and normal develop offers a great quality and is hormones free, besides the treatment than the people gives to the animals that would be use or consume on the halal food is totally different, at eating a plate of tandoori chicken salad you are not promoting an animal’s suffering chain, this type of choices makes us better humans, more conscienceabout the life of animals and the environment they live.


Knowing what we are buying it´s knowing what we promote, what keeps in the market, is the responsibility of us as humans not to promote such atrocious acts like animal abuse because we must to be clear that putting hormones on animals just to get money is an abuse that attempt to our health and the health of our families. Halal food offers us a variedmenu with a no animal violence, lesscalories, cholesterol and sodium to our daily meals. Healthy food give us energy and contribute to enhancing a longer and with fewer diseases, it gives us a better life quality and helps us to lose weight and this not has effects in our bodies but our minds, eating well reduce humor changes it will also reduce the amounts of the stress hormone cortisol and therefore will make us better humans, life can be as beautiful and easy as you want.If you don´t have enough time to make exercises eating well can be the solution to get a better immune system and avoid going to medical appointments constantly, it can save you money on medicines and give you mental stability. Halal nutrition gives older people a lot of health benefits, diversity and huge changes in the way we get older, it can be really gratified to get older and not having to use a lot of medicines.

Halal food started on Islamic countries many years ago, then the Europeans found it really interesting for all that it contains and the incredible taste that halal food has, now is really known in the non-Muslim community. Spain is one of the European country really interested on start consuming halal food and putting on the Spain market as soon as they can, Spanish people are really interested on halal food as many other countries, but what for? The fact is that halal food is healthier than the regular because how they feed animals and also for the treatment that the animal had before dying, people say that you can taste the change between halal meat and the regular one, being more delicious halal meat. Now there are halal processed food the markets, and people are trying the halal food as a daily diet, Halal food is like a revelation for non-Muslim.Nowadaysthere are many halal restaurants around the world.

Even in Latin countries,we can find halal food, there are places distributed to grant permission so Latin businessmen can sell their halal productions. Islam gastronomy has gone really far, there´s a huge percentage of people opting for halal food in Latin America, the population of Muslim living on Latin America is over 517.302% all they without counting the population of non-Muslim are eating under the Halal parameters. What this teaches us? Good habits under a great purpose can influence a lot of people, and making right things is a habit that is getting famous no matter the religious barriers as an act of humanity